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Imagine your special day in a fairytale castle or a romantic Italian village. Make it a day to remember.

Bride arriving at church via horse and driver.

Bride and flower girl posing in the piazza for a few fotos.


Learn to cook in the heart of gastronomy  – Parma, Italy; or stay at a castle in Germany and cook with one of Europe’s top chefs.

Speak Italian with the natives. We can arrange for you to live with an Italian family to immerse yourself in both the language and the culture. The same goes for French, Spanish or German.

Yes, they are wearing capes....while we're visiting a wine cellar in Germany (it's tradition!!!).



We can assist your church, school or family to take a spiritual journey to such sacred destinations such as Fatima, Lourdes or the home of Padre Pio.

Shrine of (Saint) Padre Pio in San Giovanni Rotondo, Italy


Yes, some of our clients are dogs. Whether you want to visit a spa with your dog or on your own we can arrange it.
Also visit us at www.voyageswithdogs.com or take a peek at the itinerary on this site.


Experience a truly traditional holiday experience with family and friends.  Spend Christmas in the Alps, New Years Eve in Rome or Easter in Bavaria.  


 Maria visiting Italy Christmas 2005.


Find out about upcoming trips and events by sending us your e-mail address to info@specialtyinternationaltours.com


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