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After years of living, working and traveling abroad, we knew how to make a vacation an extraordinary experience.  We developed a reputation among family and friends as the best source of advice on how to experience Europe from a native’s point of view.  Time and time again, we heard horror stories of pricey vacations gone wrong - uninteresting tourist class hotels; menu fare that substituted “tolerable” food for local colors and flavors;  and insufferable time on a bus rather than invaluable time in the towns and villages where they could have experienced the sounds, sights and delights of the world. 

 We loved sharing our “International Experience” with friends and soon realized we could help anyone looking to travel internationally, while at the same time indulging and sharing our passion and love of Europe.  Specialty International Tours is the product of this passion.  We offer a group travel experience where our guests enjoy both a restful holiday and a unique immersion into the wonderful sights and history of the world.  You’ll have time to enjoy breakfast, see the must-see sights and never worry about the details that make it all happen – that’s our job.

 Specialty International Tours offers a truly unique vacation experience with our customized travel service.  If you’re looking for that tour that caters to your unique demands, look no further.  Also, be sure to check our site often for our regularly scheduled specialty tours.

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Maria Granata, president and founder of Specialty International Tours is available to speak to groups about European travel, working abroad and specialty topics such as traveling to Europe with your dog and beer presentations. To inquire about these services send an e-mail to info@specialtyinternationaltours.com

Maria Granata, President and Owner